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A Slut’s Creed

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This was not written to be any other slut’s creed.  But this is how I do slutting.


I have sex for pleasure and satisfaction—my own, and my partners’.                     

  • I do not have sex to manipulate people.
  • I do not have sex to keep people in a relationship.
  • I do not have sex because I can’t think of anything else to do.
  • I do not have sex while intoxicated or with people who are, unless they are regular partners.
  • I do not have sex because I’m “supposed to.”
  • I can always say “no” if I want to—at any point, at any time, with any person.  As a slut, I usually choose not to.

If I seek sex for emotional validation or to feel wanted, I am honest with myself that this is what I want so I can fulfill the need.

  • I may have sex with people just because they ask—if I am so inclined.
  • I do my best not to emotionally hurt others or get hurt by fulfilling this need.
  • I may yield to pressure for sex without becoming a “victim”; I may even be excited by it.  I can also stop it whenever I want.

I define “sex” and “fucking” as it suits my and my partners’ desires.

  • I am not constrained by the heteronormative “coital imperative.”
  • I may kiss and flirt without wanting to fuck; if that makes me a “tease,” so be it.

I enjoy being used sexually without it reducing my sense of self or personhood.

  • I never knowingly allow someone to cheat on their partner(s) with me.

I enjoy using others sexually without it reducing their sense of self or personhood.

I practice safer sex for my own and my partners’ health.

  • I try to remember that communication and knowing my partners is the most important aspect of safer sex.
  • I recognize that “coitus,” while sexy, is a very risky sexual practice even with condoms and restrict it accordingly.

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