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FFM 3somes, Part II

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I blogged before about how to have awesome FFM threesomes without penis-in-vagina/penis-in-anus (PIV/PIA) intercourse. Please note that by “FFM,” I’m assuming you’ve got one penis, two vaginas, three asses, and potentially two strap-ons. And by “threesome,” I’m assuming that you have a group sex situation where everyone wants to have sex with everyone else, not a “veesome” situation where two people want to fuck one of the other people. A clever person will notice that every one of the positions described below except Coitalingus and Double-stuffed is, in fact, a veesome position. Despite many many many creative hours, my partners and I have never invented more actualthreesome positions involving intercourse. If you have some, please describe them in the comments. I’ll try it, and if I like it, I’ll add it and credit you 🙂

In the interest of keeping everyone involved, and in deference to the fact that PIV/PIA intercourse can be tricksy for all sorts of reasons, I still strongly recommend that your first few threesomes with any new configuration of people try to avoid intercourse, because it tends to make things very complicated. But once you’ve gotten more comfortable with your new (or even new-old in the sense that you’re all new to having sex with each other together, even if you’re accustomed to having sex together in dyads), then the temptation to try to stick that dick in pussies and/or asses is likely to become too strong to resist.

Once you decide to incorporate PIV/PIA sex into your threesome dynamic, it’s important to remember a couple of things. First, not all guys’ dicks are up to the task of fucking two women in rapid succession. Creating deliberately phallocentric threesomes–that is, threesomes where the focus is more on the women using the guys’ dick–is often a recipe for disappointment to everyone. You can frequently create more satisfying encounters by creating a more flexible approach to things so that guy fucks woman A until both of them cum, and then both of them attack woman B together using fingers, hands, toys, etc.

Second, safer sex can get complicated. If you find yourself in a situation where no one is fluid-bonded, then your best bet is to learn about the joys of female condoms. If you learn the joy of female condoms, then you’ll find that you can put a condom in each girl and there’s no awkward and confusing changing of condoms between women. A guy can just switch his cock back-and-forth between the ladies’ holes without any interruption if they both have female condoms in. Also, female condoms make pulling off some of the best positions here, such as coitalingus, much more appealing, since most people think female condoms taste a lot better than male condoms. Of course, people often end up in threesomes where the guy and woman A are fluid-bonded, but the guy and woman B aren’t. Even in those situations, female condoms can be really helpful for threesome purposes. For lots of guys, the contrast between the bare naked pussy of woman A is a stark contrast to the latexed pussy of woman B, and it really doesn’t do woman B any sexual favors. If you’re going to attempt unequally fluid-bonded threesomes with intercourse with both women, I strongly recommend you go from condomed partner to condom-free partner rather than the other way around.

So with those cautions in mind, let me show you some of the many awesome threesome sex postions my partners and I have learned. I’m putting these down here in order of my personal love of them. I’ve put asterisks under them to show how hard I think they are to learn to do well (which isn’t quite the same thing as learning to do them at all).


We coined the term coitalingus awhile back to refer to the delightful threesome position whereby a guy fucks woman A while woman B licks woman A’s pussy (and, ideally, flick her tongue over the guy’s cock as it goes in and out too). There are two really good positions for this one:

Coitalingus I ****

Coitalingus I

Coitalingus I

In this position, woman A lays on her back with her face up while the guy fucks woman B doggie style on her hands and knees. This allows woman B to lick woman A’s pussy, and it makes it deliciously easy for the guy to pull out and cum in woman B’s mouth, which is about the hottest kind of pulling out imaginable.
This variation is, in my opinion, hotter than Coitalingus II, but I think it’s usually harder to pull off. This is largely because the cunninglinguist’s tongue usually has to extend out awkwardly far, and she ends up with that tongue-strain probelm that occurs when you stick your tongue out too far for too long. But damn is it sexy when it works!

Coitalingus II ***

Coitalingus II

Coitalingus II

In this position, woman A is basically on her back while the guy diagonally penetrates her from behind (my Barbies couldn’t quite hold this position–sorry). Then woman B can lick woman A’s pussy in a much more traditional cunnilingus position and still usually flick on the guy’s cock at the same time. This variation can be a bit more work for the guy (it’s a bit hard to fuck at that angle, but damn, does it feel good!), but woman B can also assist him by hugging his ass and helping him fuck woman A. Overall, our research indicates that this position is more sustainable than Coitalingus I.

Sticky Fingers *

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers

This position is probably the easiest one on this list, and it might actually be my personal favorite. It’s incredibly straightforward: guy fucks woman A, while woman A fingers woman B. Bonus points if both girls can cum at the same time, because, to quote my ex-boyfriend, “Satisfied sounds sound better in stereo.”
Personally, I can think of few things in life better than getting cock buried in me while I get my fingers buried in pussy, but this position doesn’t do much for the guy, so I’m undoubtedly biased. This position really is one of those threesome positions where you ideally get a guy who’s a human dildo who fucks both the girls, who get to then take turns fingering each other.

The Conga Line **

The Conga Line

The Conga Line

This position is also blessedly easy.  Woman A lies on her back.  Woman B gets fucked from behind, doggie-style, while eating out woman A.  This position has the fantastic bonus of letting woman A feel like she’s getting fucked by the guy as well as woman B, because woman B’s face usually gets rhythmically slammed into her pussy the whole time thanks to the guy doing the fucking.  This position also works well if woman B puts her fingers in woman A’s pussy in addition to or instead of just eating it.

The Girly Hypotenuse Triangle *

The Girly Hypotenuse Triangle

The Girly Hypotenuse Triangle

This position is also deliciously easy. Woman A lies on her back while woman B sits on her face and the guy fucks woman A. This arrangement also allows woman B and the guy to make out with each other, grope each other, hit each other, or whatever. Woman B and the guy can also top the shit out of woman A in this position. The Girly Hypoteneuse also has the absurd potential bonus of getting all people off simultaneously in this delightful circular arrangement.

The Gentlemanly Hypotenuse Triangle *

The Gentlemanly Hypotenuse Triangle

The Gentlemanly Hypotenuse Triangle

This position is equally straightforward. The guy lies on his back while woman A rides his dick and woman B sits on his face. This position has an advantage over the Girly Hypoteneuse because woman A can turn around and ride reverse cowgirl, creating greater variation in sensation. You can also do crazy awesome shit like blindfold the guy so he doesn’t know which girl to expect on his face and his cock; and it’s also really easy for the girls to keep switching between his face and his cock. If you’re topping the guy, then you can try telling him he can’t cum until both girls have cum on his cock and his face. Mmmm…

The Mindfuck 2.0 ****

Mindfuck 2.0

Mindfuck 2.0

We’re really leveling up here in terms of difficulty. The Mindfuck 2.0 gets the guy on his back, woman A riding his cock, and woman B positioned directly in front of woman A over the guy; woman A sticks her fingers up woman B’s pussy. The real goal here is to convince the guy that both girls are fucking him simultaneously by moving rhythmically together; in essence, woman B ends up riding woman A’s hand in time with woman A riding the guy’s cock (and it’s a helluva mindfuck, since he can mostly only see woman B, even though woman A is the one riding his cock). But if woman A is both physically and mentally dexterous, she can also try to convince woman B that the guy is indeed fucking her.

The Cowboy I ****

Save a horse, ride a Cowboy!

Save a horse, ride a Cowboy!

In this variation, the guy lies on his back while woman A fucks his ass with a strap-on while woman B rides his cock (and it works very well in reverse cowgirl or in the more conventional woman-on-top varaiation). This position can be especially fucktastic for a subby guy who will be thus be getting quite thoroughly used by the ladies.

The Cowboy II ****

Cowboy II

Cowboy II

This variation might be slightly harder than the Cowboy I, but it has great switch appeal. In this position, everyone lies on their side with the guy in the middle in a formation that we like to call “measuring cups” (as opposed to “spooning,” which only involves two people). Woman A fucks the guy in the ass with a strap-on while he fucks woman B with his dick. It’s a bit hard to make anyone cum in this position, but it’s amusing as hell to create a sexily writhing mob.

The Cowgirl Mindfuck *****

The Cowgirl Mindfuck

The Cowgirl Mindfuck

This one is sufficiently difficult that I think we’ve only ever pulled it off in earnest once (and the Barbies can’t seem to get it at all), but oh how memorable it was… Woman A gets on her hands and knees while the guy fucks her pussy doggie style (albeit relatively upright). Woman B squats on top of woman A and puts her fingers in woman A’s ass (I haven’t done this enough to know if it’s preferable for woman B to be facing the guy or facing away from him). Woman B and the guy attempt to ram woman A in tandem (keep in mind woman A can’t see what’s going on), with the goal of mindfucking woman A into thinking that she’s getting fucked with the guy’s dick in both her holes simultaneously. Seriously, people, this is hard as hell to do, but it’s one of the sexiest things that has ever happened to me.

The Impossible Dream ******

The Impossible Dream

The Impossible Dream

My partner InspiredIniquity and I dreamed up this position long ago and immediately lamented its absurd difficulty, dubbing it The Impossible Dream. I have, in fact, pulled it off on a couple of occasions, so we should perhaps rename it The Improbable Dream, but the name has so far stuck. The goal here is to get the guy’s dick up woman A’s ass while woman B fists woman A and thus basically gives the guy a handjob through woman A. (I still think this is so hot that it’s a little hard for me to write about without getting twitchy…). To pull this one off, you basically need a position where the guy is fucking woman A from behind (lying on his back, sitting upright in a chair reverse cowgirl, or doggie style) with woman B in the front. Then woman B can stuff her hand up woman A’s pussy and basically use her like a hand puppet to ride the guy’s dick.
Theoretically, I think it would still count if the guy fucked woman A’s pussy while woman B fisted her, but I just don’t know any women who prefer to get their asses fisted rather than fucked. Regardless of where the dicks and hands go, if you can pull it off, it. is. so. hot.

Double-stuffed *****
I didn’t bother to take a picture of this one, because Barbies are worse at pulling this one off than people. In this position, woman A gets fucked by the guy’s dick while woman B stuffs her hand up in along his dick. The only position I can pull this one off well in personally is lying on my back, and there’s no way to do it without a lot of finagling on the part of everyone involved. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well to have woman B coming in from the opposite side–she pretty much has to come in from the same angle as the guy’s dick. And that gets complicated.


  1. rigel says:

    I don’t see double penetrating a girl with a penis and a strap-on. Did I miss it?

  2. rigel says:

    Also girl getting fucked with a strap-on while giving the guy head; in fact most of these positions can be reversed with the guy doing or getting the oral.fingering/handjob while one woman uses a strap-on on another. Absolutely great post, it’s nice to read an article on this subject from someone who has actually HAD FFM threesomes.

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